The developer options menu contains some very useful options for developers to deploy their apps and debug them. You may have already searched everywhere on your phone for the developer options menu, but did you know that by default this menu is hidden in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean?

Enabling the developer options is very easy. In this post I am going to explain to you how to do it on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini and this also works on any other Android 4.2 based devices.


  1. Start off by heading into your Settings
  2. Go to the More tab which is the last one on the top-right side
  3. In the bottom, you should see the option About device which shows information such as android version, build number, kernel, etc
  4. Go there and where you see Build number, begin to tap on it atleast 7 times (fast) and you should see a small contextual popup telling you "Developer mode has been turned on"
  5. Now go back to the More tab and just above the About device option, you should see Developer options


Congratulations! You now have developer options enabled and you can use some advanced features on your phone such as disabling animations, changing the speed, forcing GPU render for everything, even cutting down multitasking to save up on RAM.


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