Sometimes we are too proud of the way we have setup the style of our homescreens that we just want to share it with a friend or with an online internet community (forum) or, you just want to take screenshots for other purposes.

Taking a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is very simple, and it takes just to press 2 buttons, no downloading of apps is needed, nothing, just the press of 2 buttons and I would also like to point out that the button combination for taking a screenshot on stock Jelly Bean OS is different than in Samsung's modified TouchWiz roms.

Step 1:

Go to the specific menu, app or whatever you want to take a screenshot of.

Step 2:

Now prepare two of your fingers on the two buttons, one being on the Power/Lock button and the other in the Home button.

Step 3:

Begin holding the Power/Lock button and immediatelly begin holding the Home button aswell (do not let go of the Power/Lock button). You should hear a shutter sound, an effect on your screen as if a picture was taken, aswell as a notification on your status bar. You may then release both of the buttons and you are done.

Where are they located?

The screenshots are then stored into the phone's memory in the directory "/Pictures/Screenshots".

Below are 2 sample screenshots taken using this method:

For the people who are having trouble with the instructions, you may watch this video:


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