We all know that we were left behind with the S Health app in the Galaxy S4 Mini, rumor has it that it is downloadable from Samsung's app store but for now it is only available for US citizens and some European countries.

I found this APK over at the xda-developers forums originally posted for the Galaxy Note and thought I'd install it, and turns out it works just fine. So I thought I'd share it with you guys.

What is S Health?
S Health is a fitness tracking app by Samsung that was first introduced in their flagship, the Galaxy S4. It's purpose is to track your daily exercise so the app outlines what your daily targets for weight loss should be and stores all the necessary data for later references.

Download the APK: Click here.


After you install the APK, tap on Done and it will then give you another installation screen for the app's services, install that aswell and then you may run the app from the drawer.


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