Here is the part two of the '5 tips and tricks' series on the YouTube channel. In this post and video you will learn 5 new tips and tricks you may or may have not known about.

Tip #1 - Zooming in/out with tilt

Did you know that you can zoom in/out an image without having to move your fingers at all? All you need to do is open up the image, put one finger on the left side and the other on the right side, have both fingers stickied to the screen, now begin tilting your device up/down and you will be zooming in/out.

Tip #2 - Image browsing with tilt

Here is another cool trick using the GS4 Mini's sensors, this one is about browsing an image if you have zoomed in a lot. Just put your finger on the center of the image and hold it there, now once again tilt your phone left/right, up/down and you will begin browsing the image.

Tip #3 - Set Eeasy Mode

Did you know? There is a second home screen mode for your phone which is called Easy Mode and it's made to easen up the look of your homescreen and app drawer. For those who find the standart homescreen complicated looking, you can switch to Easy Mode.
Simply head into Settings -> My Device -> Home screen mode - Select easy mode.

Tip #4 - Swipe to SMS/Call, dial without touching

Did you know that you can message or dial a person faster than usual? Simply open up your contacts, and swipe the contact's name to the left to send him/her a SMS, or swipe right to make a call. Another addon to this tip that I would like to add is, the dialing function without having to tap on any dial button. Simply open up the contact's name and just put your phone next to your ear and it will dial the person by itself.

Tip #5 - Pause video by sensor

You might be watching a movie or some sort of video and someone interrupts you and you need to pause. Instead of tapping on the screen, looking for the pause button, there is now an easier method and that is just by putting your phone faced down by the screen. By doing that, the video that you are watching will immediatelly be paused.

For those of you who are having a difficult time understanding a trick by reading the text explanation, you may watch this video with live demonstrations:

And there you have it, 5 more tips and tricks for the GS4 Mini. Stay tuned for more GS4 Mini goodies in both this blog and YouTube channel, subscribe if you haven't already!


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