All of us eventually get sick of the stock look and want to change some colors and icons to our own taste. Usually such procedures require you to fetch the system apk files, decompile them, change things around, re-compile and push.

In this post I am going to introduce you to a magnificent app called Wanam Xposed which allows you to modify your stock TouchWiz rom by simply changing some settings and rebooting your phone to apply changes, nothing else! Please keep in mind that this procedure requires a rooted phone, so if you haven't rooted already, check out the "Rooting" category in the navigation menu at the top.

Also please note that this has been tested by me personally on the GT-I9195 LTE variant, test on your variant at your own risk!

With Wanam Xposed, you have almost unlimited customization control over your stock rom as you can apply mods starting from the battery icon, text colors, background colors and transparency, enabling/disabling 4 way reboot menu, enable flashlight through volume up button and tons more things. You can read the full features list here.


Xposed Framework (Latest) - Click here.
Wanam Xposed Click here.
Xposed Disabler (Incase you wish to remove this or you're stuck in a bootloop) -  Click here.


  1. It is highly recommended that the first thing you do is create a nandroid backup.
  2. Download the Xposed Framework apk file to your sdcard aswell as Xposed Disabler zip file incase you wish to go back.
  3. Find the Xposed Framework apk file through your phone wherever you have put it and install it.
  4. Once installed, open it up and go to Framework, then choose Install/Update.
  5. Once it is done installing, it will tell you to reboot the phone, so reboot it.
  6. Now download the app Wanam Xposed from the Play Store but do not open it yet.
  7. Open up the Xposed installer app again and head to Modules, then tick the box where it says Wanam Xposed, now exit the app.
  8. Now you may open the app Wanam Xposed and modify the crap out of your rom. Enjoy!

Video instructions for newbies:


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