Great news for the CyanogenMod fans! The Galaxy S4 Mini now has an official CyanogenMod 10.1.3 stable release. In this last build of the 10.1 code branch, there is the CyanogenMod setup wizard included (unlike in the nightly builds) aswell as the CyanogenMod accounts feature integrated.

After testing this latest and last build for a few days now, the only issues I've encountered was a small WiFi issue where it would permanently go to sleep and will not wake up until you toggle it off/on. It goes like this:
The phone is connected to my wireless network at home and stays that way as long as the phone is awake. But if I put it to sleep for a few minutes (has to be more than 10 here) the WiFi goes off (obviously because I've set it to sleep after the phone is in sleep aswell) but once the phone awakes, the WiFi never awakes along with it, no matter how long I wait. So I have to manually turn it off and then turn it back on.

Another thing to mention is that the IR blaster for WatchON app still does not work, but it's expected to get support in the 10.2 build according to sources.

The ROM is very fast, very light, but there are many complaints that the battery doesn't last that long. When you leave it overnight and check it on the morning you might see quite a decrease in the battery percentage.
Here I don't really have that issue so it may be just because those particular people have some things running in the background or they haven't enabled the setting where their WiFi connection should be put to sleep if the phone is sleeping aswell.

So what are you waiting for? Head onto and grab that latest stable build! Once again we would like to thank arco68 from xda-developers forums for his great work on making this rom as stable as possible.

Rumor also has it that soon there might appear a CM10 version for the 3G variant (GT-I9190) aswell. Unfortunately, there are no details about the Dual variant (GT-I9192) as generally CM doesn't have much support for Dual-SIM devices.


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