jodge from xda-developers forums recently posted this little mod that disables the Home key's wake up action on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. Basically when you press the Home key on your Galaxy S4 Mini while it is locked, the screen would light up.

Now by applying these changes you will stop the Home button from waking up the phone, all other functions of the Home button will remain working.

To do this, you would first of all need to download Total Commander from the Play Store:
Play Store link

Please note that this procedure requires root access aswell as the Total Commander app, so if you haven't rooted your phone, you will not be able to do this.


1. Open the Total Commander app and allow it root access when asked.
2. Now navigate to the directory - /system/usr/keylayout
3. Now copy the two files gpio-keys.kl and sec_keys.kl to a safe place, for example on your sdcard as a backup
4. Open the file gpio-keys.kl and search for the following lines:
key 102 HOME        WAKE
key 172 HOME        WAKE

5. Now remove the WAKE word on both lines aswell as the spaces and just leave it to say Key ### HOME without the spaces at the end or the WAKE words. Save the file.

Now open up sec_keys.kl and search for the following line:
key 172 HOME        WAKE

6. Once again, do the same edits that you did on the first file and save it.

7. Now you may reboot your phone and give it a test and see if you made it.

Source: xda-developers thread


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