We have all been struggling with Task Killer apps that help us free up some memory, or sometimes you can just access the Task Manager and clear that memory and kill everything that is running in the background and other left-out processes.

You probably wish that you wouldn't have to do that all of the time whenever you want to enjoy playing high-end games or using memory-heavy apps for your own reasons.

Well, there is a very simple way to solve this issue but by doing this you sacrifice the ability to multitask on your phone, and of course, you can at any time disable this setting and get back to normal.

Small explanation:
Whenever you open up an app such as the browser app and then leave it, it is still running in the background, then after that if you open up another app such as the Settings menu and go back, it may also get stuck in the background. By doing this oftenly, you might notice a slight increase in the RAM usage on your phone, preferrably more than atleast 700MB, and maybe even reach 1GB+ at some point. That's bad.

It's all really simple and the only requirement is to have Developer options menu unlocked. If you are not aware of how to do that, check out our post that guides you how to do it.

Once you have access to Developer options, exit everything and go to your homescreen and from there, follow the below instructions:
1. Go to your app drawer and open up the Settings.

2. Go into the "More" tab and scroll down to the bottom where you should see Developer options:

3. Head into that Developer options menu and once again scroll down to the bottom until you see the following setting:

4. Tap on that and you should get a popup giving you a choice of how many processes you want to keep in the background, starting from no background processes at all to 4 processes at most:

5. Once you have chosen your processes number, you may simply exit the menu. You are done! You do not need to reboot your phone for the changes to apply, neither did you have to root it in order to do this.

Enjoy having a more faster Galaxy S4 Mini with constant free memory.


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