We all want to get the best out of our phone's battery and have it last long but with this rich in colors Super AMOLED display and a TouchWiz rom filled with services running in the background, it's kind of impossible to achieve that. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini comes with a huge looking Li-Ion 1900 mAh battery and that's not low at all.

Now of course you can change that by simply doing some changes on your configuration and settings. If you're already happy with the battery life of your S4 Mini then you may ignore this post.

Tip #1 - Using darker wallpapers

Don't use colorful wallpapers. Yes, you've heard it right. Although it's pure eye-candy to look at a colorful wallpaper on the S4 Mini's display, it can cost you some battery juice. If possible, stick to a wallpaper that has darker colors such as black and white ones. It should consume less energy.

Tip #2 - Forget Live Wallpapers, stick to plain JPG/PNG

Yet another sacrifice you must do if you want to save up on some battery juice and that is to refrain from using live wallpapers on your S4 Mini. Sure, it's interesting and makes your phone look cool if you have a moving image on your homescreen but the truth is, it is constantly using your processor to get all of these images to move, which obviously consumes battery. If possible, stick to a simple JPEG/PNG wallpaper and you should be alright.

Tip #3 - Check what is draining your battery

At any time you can head into your Settings and go to where it says "Battery". In there you will find an informative screen that will rank the top applications and/or services that are draining your battery, you can then consider what is for removal and what is not.

Tip #4 - Use lower brightness

This one is so obvious, but still worth mentioning. By using your phone on a lower brightness level, you save on battery juice and most of the time the only thing that is draining the battery a lot is usually the screen, so decreasing the brightness level a bit will surely help out.

Tip #5 - Use less widgets on your homescreen

Placing multiple widgets on your homescreen pages such as weather widgets, e-mail widgets or even just simple widgets can consume some memory on your phone which leads to consuming battery. If you can, remove the widgets that you need less and only keep the ones that you find most useful 100% of the time. Better yet, remove all of them if you don't need any.

Tip #6 - Set your WiFi to sleep when screen is off

Having your WiFi connection turned on all of the time even when you are not using it - for example, when the screen is off and/or when you are sleeping it is really useless and just leads to battery drain.
Simply head into your WiFi settings and set it to go to sleep when the phone is in idle. That way it will only turn itself back on and connect when your phone wakes up.

Tip #7 - Turn off Smart Stay feature

Here is another obvious fact and that is that by leaving a feature such as Smart Stay which uses the front camera to detect your face/eyes making the phone's screen to never turn off, could be a battery drainer aswell. You can simply increase the screen timeout and turn this feature off if you are annoyed when your screen goes off after 10 seconds, it's pretty much the same.

Tip #8 - Power saving mode

You might have already noticed this, but it's definitely a must to turn on the Power Saving mode from your Settings menu. It limits the maximum performance of the CPU, will reduce the screen power and will change a few other things aswell. So if you are using your S4 Mini mostly for tasks such as instant messaging, simply browsing the web, etc, enabling this mode surely will not interfere with those daily tasks.

Tip #9 - Do not use auto brightness

By having auto brightness on, your light sensor is constantly looking for changes in the light which obviously once again consumes battery life, so you're better off by just switching the brightness level by yourself, it's not that hard anyways as you have a slider shortcut on your notification screen.

Tip #10 - Limit background processes

For this last step, you need to have Developer options unlocked. If you don't know how to, I have written a short guide on how to do that. Now simply head into your Developer options and look for the option "Background process limit" - If yours is set to more than 2, it may be best to select 2. Beware that this kind of kills multitasking but it's for the sake of your battery.

So there you have it, 10 tips on how to increase the battery life on your Galaxy S4 Mini. If you've decided to give this a try and felt the changes, please leave a comment for the rest of the readers to see.


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