Recently I ordered this Momax screen protector for the Galaxy S4 Mini. Now as you can see in the picture above, it says "FOR SA-Galaxy S4 mini I9190" but don't worry if you are using the LTE or Dual-SIM variant as it doesn't really matter, both 3 variants have the same front face.

In the packaging, I got the following things:
  • The screen protector
  • The cloth - to wipe the screen clean before applying the protector
  • Installation instructions cardboard
Applying this to the phone was a piece of cake, and it matches the physical home button aswell as the sensors and front camera perfectly, which means that it's been cut accurately.

Has it changed the look?

Not at all, as it says on the packaging outside, "ultra-high definition", "crystal clear HD" - I couldn't notice any changes to the colors or the quality of my display after applying this, pretty much as if I don't have a screen protector applied.

Does it affect the touch response?

Absolutely no issues with the touch response as it's very thin and everytime I have touched the screen, it always responds immediatelly and I don't have to touch again or anything of that sort.

Does it leave visible fingerprints?

Now for that price you can't really expect something that premium, but it's definitely way better now than before when I didn't use a screen protector. The screen would become quite sticky and fingerprints were easily spotted and it was just making the phone look really ugly looking when the display is turned off.

Official product link:
eBay offer: $6.39 + free international shipping

For the price range of $6 I can't really say that this is bad. The only thing which I cannot tell you about in this video is the durability with scratches. But feel free to comment here and ask me if I have gotten any scratches after a short time of usage and I'd be happy to tell.


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