As you all know, the Nexus 5 was just recently released along with Android 4.4 KitKat and people have already began extracting the goods from it. One thing is the new launcher that it offers.

A member from xda-developers forums called geoworld_200 has extracted the needed files for the launcher to function properly and has published them on the forums.

According to some people, this launcher seems to work only on Android 4.1 and above and since the S4 Mini is running 4.2.2, it's on the list.

In order to get the launcher working, you would need to install 3 apk files that he has provided. One seems to have something to do with Google Services, the second one is for the updated Google Search and the last one is of course the launcher.

For some reason the first APK here could not be installed so I just skipped it and went ahead and installed the Google Search and Launcher apks and surpringly, the launcher ended up functioning perfectly fine.

Download the APK files - Click here.
Download Google Now force close fix - Click here.

Installation instructions:

  1. Download the zip file to your computer and extract it, you should have 3 apks in the folder
  2. Transfer the 3 apk files to your phone (either sdcard or memory, does not matter)
  3. Now download the Google Now force close zip file and extract it, you should get a .so file, transfer it to your phone once again
  4. Try and install the PrebuiltGmsCore.apk file first, if it doesn't work, ignore it for now and proceed in installing Velvet.apk and then finally GoogleHome.apk
    Once all of the files are installed, hit the Home button and select the Launcher, it should work.
  5. Now use an app such as Root Explorer and locate the .so file which you transferred earlier and move it to /system/lib/ and reboot your phone - that fixes the Google Search force close issue
  6. Enjoy.



Source: xda thread


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