Safe Mode, you've all probably heard of it and are aware of how it comes of help on your computer when you need to troubleshoot things.

boot s4 mini safe mode

There are times you Galaxy S4 Mini might start causing you persistent force closing and you cannot get past the little popup to uninstall the faulty app. For those of you who are not aware, Android also supports this neat feature and it can be done very easily.

When you boot into Safe Mode, your phone only loads the most important system apps and ignores all 3rd party applications, giving you the chance to easily uninstall any faulty apps you may have gotten installed.

Thanks to Safe Mode, you will be able to uninstall unresponsive apps.


When you are done fixing whatever you needed to be fixed, you can easily and immediatelly boot back normally. Simply hold the Power button and choose Restart. Your phone will start up normally and should load up all 3rd party applications again.


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