We're all aware that our device by default has the "Mass Storage" option removed whenever we connect the device to our computer to transfer data, so we're forced to use MTP (Media Transfer Protocol).

If you happen to have recently installed Ubuntu on your computer and you want to connect your phone to transfer data, you may get this error message and you will just not be able to access the phone's internal store nor it's external sdcard.

On the Windows operating system, this really shouldn't be an issue and it would immediatelly allow you to access your device's storage and it's sdcard even if you have the option enabled. Not in Ubuntu though.

The solution to this problem is very easy and can be done within just a few minutes. So first of all, you need to download an application and install it. Click here to download the file.

Download the zip file to your Desktop and extract it using the built-in Archive program (Right click the file -> Extract here) and you should get a folder called "mount_android_mtp_unity".

Now the next step is to open the Terminal, so hold CTRL + Alt + T and the Terminal window should pop up. Now enter the following commands in order:
cd Desktop
cd mount_android_mtp_unity
At this point, it might require you to type in your user password, so do that and from there on follow the on-screen instructions on installing the applications. (Type y for yes when asked, etc).

After the installation is complete, a folder should pop up with the application inside it, now drag this application to the Unity bar on the left side.

Connect your Galaxy S4 Mini to your computer, and if you happen to get the error messase again, just ignore it.

Right-click on application which you just dragged to the Unity bar and choose "Mount Android MTP" as shown in the screenshot below:
At this point, your computer should recognize your device perfectly fine and even a window should pop up with two seperate folders. One being for your internal storage and the other for your sdcard.

This method should also work for pretty much any MTP device and not just the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.


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