A while ago, we found out that Bell was updating the Galaxy S4 Mini to give it support for Galaxy Gear. Now it seems that Verizon is also rolling out an OTA update to it's users with these changes.

s4 mini 4.3 update

Regarding the firmware update, Verizon has released this pdf file that explains what kind of goods it will bring. In the document, it is mentioned that the phone also receives the 4.3 update and not just the same 4.2.2 version with improvements and it also seems Verizon users will be getting some new bloatware aswell such as VMware, Verizon Cloud, and MyInfoZone widget.

According to some sources, the update should already be rolling out, so keep an eye for that notification or regularly check for Software update from the "About phone" settings.

It's quite a disappointment to find out that various carriers are already updrading the S4 Mini to 4.3 where the international versions such as I9190, I9192, I9195 might not ever see the 4.3 update, but the good thing is that they have rumors about 4.4 floating around for ages now and hopefully somewhere in January-February it will finally get the update.


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