Just recently I was told by a person named 3Dfx-Peter about the CyanogenMod11 rom not containing any options to change the saturation of the colors on the S4 mini's display. I was unaware of that because I never really cared about the saturation of my display. Luckaly he discovered that there is a way to implement such setting on the CyanogenMod 11 rom and this post will show you how.

So first of all, let's start off with what this color saturation means. In a few very simple words, it's the colorfulnes of your display. When you first got this phone, you were amazed at the highly saturated and colorful screen of this device. This is due to having a setting that increases these colors.

You can actually find this setting on your stock rom under Settings -> Display ->
Users can head there and change the colors for example to normal, so you won't be having highly saturated colors.

It seems that no such options are available in the current CyanogenMod11 nightly builds and for those of you who do not like having a very saturated display, you can now easily have the same options that you have available in the stock rom.

This was made possible thanks to xda-developers member called f4k who has modified and compiled an apk file called S4MiniSettings to fit CM11.

UPDATE: Just recently I was told by 3Dfx-Peter that this is also working on the Galaxy S4 running CyanogenMod11. So Galaxy S4 users, you may give this a try.

Download APK - S4MiniSettings.apk


  1. Download the apk file either to your internal storage or sdcard
  2. Using a root browsing tool such as Root Explorer, move or copy the apk file to /system/app/
  3. Once you have moved the file, long-press and go to Permissions, then change the permissions to rw-r--r--
  4. Now exit everything and reboot the phone
  5. Upon booting up, it should say that Android is optimizing apps. If you see that, you "installed" the apk sucessfully
  6. Now head into Settings -> Display -> Advanced Settings - and tweak the color profiles to your desires

Video Instructions:

Source: xda-developers post


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