After I received my latest order from TVC-Mall, I realized that by mistake I got S4 mini case, so I figured to write a short review about it anyway since it looks so damn cool! The one I received is this one.

s4 mini wallet case

This is another example when you have very low expectations when something costs only $3.60, and once you take it out of the box it makes you scratch your head of how far they pushed the envelope this time. The case comes in a very cool transparent package, but it's not just cheap looks when you take it out of the box.

This is diary/wallet style case with a magnetic latch. It comes in bi-color design with bright lime/green inside and blue denim-looking exterior with green stitching.
I don't even have a phone to test it out, so I tried taking a lot of detailed pictures for you to get an up close view.

The inner case is soft TPU, and looks like it has a nice wrap around fitment for a full side/corner protection and even a lip around the screen. I assume all the cutouts for power/volume/camera/flash/speaker/headphone/mic/charger ports are aligned perfectly. The flip cover has two pockets for credit cards or driver license and another large vertical pocket for bills.

s4 mini wallet case

Overall, I was very impressed with a quality and a finish, and for $3.60 - it's a steal considering some TPU cases by itself cost more than that. Plus, it comes in variety of different colors.

Product review by vectron from xda-developers forums. All permissions on sharing this have been granted. Interested in more of his product reviews? Check out his list.


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