If you are bored with your stock SAMSUNG logo boot animation and want to use something different, you could try out this awesome Android 4.4 KitKat animation by PIKO1982 from xda-developers.

The boot animation is offered in two variants as you can see in the two images above; with and without red background.

Download without background - Click here.
Download with red background - Click here.


In order to use this animation, you first need to enable custom boot animations. If you haven't done that, then check out this post.
  1. Download your desired boot animation from the links above (with red background or without background) to your sdcard. Note: If you download the one with red background, be sure to rename it from to
  2. Open up a root browsing tool such as Root Explorer, ES File Explorer and head into your sdcard partition.
  3. Select and choose to copy/move the file.
  4. Copy/Move the file to the directory /system/media/ (if it says the partition is read-only, mount it R/W)
  5. After you have pasted the file, you now need to change its permissions. The location of this option varies by the tool you are using.
  6. Set the permissions to rw-r--r-- (also known as 644).
Source: xda


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