As you all may know, the Galaxy S4 mini lacks the Air Gesture features that the Galaxy S4 has due to the fact that it's intended for a different market/price range. This has obviously upset a lot of people but don't worry as you can always find workarounds for this.

air gestures s4 mini

Your dream of using air gestures on the Galaxy S4 mini has partially come true as developer forgin from xda-developers forums has made this application that can simulate the S4 air gestures. It is called Hovering Controls and is offered for free.

What the app does is, it uses your proximity sensor that you have on the front to perform all these magic tricks. Now you won't only be using that little sensor for making your screen shut off during calls, but for a lot more things.

The app is offered by the developer in two versions - free and paid. You can decide which one you wish to download.

Download Hovering Controls apk - From official forum post attachment
Buy Hovering Controls - From official Play Store page ($1.37)

Once you have downloaded and installed the application to your Galaxy S4 mini, run it and set it as a device administrator as it asks you. Don't worry, it does not collect any personal data nor does it secretly send SMS or make calls to waste your money.

The above video shows you a demonstration of what the application is capable and if all of the features are working on the Galaxy S4 mini. Have fun!


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