If you prefer to use the stock KitKat camera more than the Samsung TouchWiz one, then you can try out this stock KK camera that was recently posted by zilian28 from xda-developers forums.

This one has the Photosphere feature included and if you are wondering about what is working and what is not, everything seems to be working. It can take photos, you can switch to HDR, you can change the exposure value, you can capture videos in 1080p resolution with nice quality even though the preview quality is bad while recording.

Overall, it works just fine. Plus, it does not break your TouchWiz camera, neither does it replace it. You can use both whenever you want.

Download - Click here.


  1. Boot into Recovery mode
  2. Go to install zip
  3. Now select choose zip from external sdcard
  4. Locate and find the  kkStockCamera zip file and choose it
  5. Now choose Yes to confirm when asked
  6. You should see a new camera and gallery shortcut on your app drawer after rebooting
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