As you all may know, Samsung KNOX is a security feature that is offered with certain Samsung devices and the Galaxy S4 mini is one of them. The feature helps you to securely separate your personal and professional data and this is obviously a good thing.

But if you decide that you want to root your Galaxy S4 mini, you will then begin receiving security notifications from Samsung's KNOX service that an application has "attempted to access your system on your device without authorisation" such as the one shown in the sample screenshot below.

This is where the application KNOX Disabler comes to help. The app will basically disable the notifications with a tap of a button. At any time you can also re-enable notifications if for whatever reason you need them again . This disabler app was developed by xda member -viperboy- and is offered completely free.

The only requirements for this app is to have root access, and this is the only reason I am guessing why you would want to use it anyway.

Download KNOX Disabler - Click here.

Once you have downloaded the apk file to your phone, find it and install it. You will get the app shortcut in your drawer. Run the app and simply tap on Disable. You will get a Superuser access prompt, be sure to choose Grant, wait a few seconds and it should say Success!

An alternative way to get rid of the KNOX service completely is to use a root browsing tool such as Root Explorer or Root Browser, head into /system/app/ and delete all .apk and .odex files which contain the word KNOX in their name.

Source: xda


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