A while ago, I was asked by a visitor if it is possible to reverse tether internet into the Galaxy S4 mini through your computer and the answer is yes, it is.

In this tutorial we will be using a Windows tool made by xda member capslock66 that will allow us to use our computer's connection on the Galaxy S4 mini. This is perfect for those of you who wish to save up on bandwidth and may not have a router at home, but wish to update your Play Store applications or do other misellaneous tasks.


  • You must have a rooted phone
  • You need to have your USB cable
  • You need to enable USB Debugging
  • You must be running the Windows operating system on your computer
  • Download this package to your computer and extract it. 

Reverse Tethering on Galaxy S4 mini: 

After you have downloaded the package from the link in pre-requisites and have extracted it, connect your Galaxy S4 mini to your computer and transfer the Tracetool service.apk file to your sd card or phone storage, then install it.

Now that you have installed the app, run it and connect your Galaxy S4 mini to your computer. You may get a little popup asking to allow USB Debugging, tap on OK.

Now on your Windows PC, run the AndroidTool program (It is prefered to right-click and choose Run as administrator for Windows Vista users and above).

If you have done everything correctly, on the top where it says "Select a device" you should see digits and the word device at the end.

Just in case, click on the Refresh button next to it to make sure you won't have any problems and finally, click on Connect. At this point, you may get a Superuser access prompt on your phone so allow it. The text on the app should then change to "Service is running. Connected!"

That's pretty much it, you should now have internet access on your phone while your mobile data and WiFi is turned off. 

Source: xda


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