Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S5, many people may have fallen in love with some of the UI changes. Considering its specs and hardware, it might not be offered for a cheap price. So if you want to get the same Quick Setting toggle buttons on your Galaxy S4 mini, please continue on reading this post.

S5 quick settings on galaxy s4 mini

The mod which you are going to see in this post was originally meant for the Galaxy S3 made by decalman from xda-developers forums. Since both phones are pretty much the same in terms of software, flashing the zip file on the Galaxy S4 mini worked flawlessly. The only touches required to make it work was to change one folder name.

The results ended up great. The image quality is perfect, the size is good, they do not appear resized, stretched out or pixelated. See for yourself in these two screenshots:

In order to get the exact same look as shown in the screenshots above, you would also need to have the Xposed framework installed as well as the Wanam Xposed module to apply some color changes to your notification tray. The instructions on installing Xposed framework and setting up Wanam Xposed can be found in this post.

Download - Click here.


  1. Download the zip file to your sdcard
  2. Boot into CWM Recovery by holding Volume up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously
  3. Go to install zip
  4. Choose choose zip from external sdcard
  5. Locate and find the file and choose it
  6. Choose Yes when asked
  7. After flashing is complete, go back and choose reboot system now
  8. Since this wipes dalvik cache, boot will take a little longer so be patient
  9. After your phone boots up, follow the instructions in the video below to get the complete look as shown in the screenshots above

If you wish to remove this and go back to the stock icons, then flash this removal zip file, disable all the options you have checked in Wanam Xposed and you will be back to normal.

Source: original s3 thread


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