So here is the last part of the complete S5/Note Pro transformation for your Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. If you have already flashed the S5 Quick Settings, the flat TouchWiz icons, the last part is the overall themed UI.

This theme was originally released for the Galaxy S3 by Kik0o from xda-developers forums and just like on the Quick Settings and flat TouchWiz icons packages, this one required a bit of modding to get it to work. Please keep in mind that this is version 1 for the S4 mini and there might be some icon size issues and some small overlapping issues which will be fixed in the near future.

One of the most noticable issues for now are the huge toggle buttons which are located inside the Settings application and the statusbar icons. I promise you, these icons will be re-sized and fixed in the next version.

Download S5/Note Pro theme for Galaxy S4 mini - Click here.


  1. Download the zip file to your sdcard
  2. Boot into CWM Recovery by holding Volume up + Home + Power buttons simultaneously
  3. Go to install zip
  4. Choose choose zip from external sdcard (choose zip from /storage/sdcard1/ for newer  recoveries)
  5. Locate and find the s5 theme zip file and choose it
  6. Choose Yes when asked
  7. After flashing is complete, go back and choose reboot system now
  8. Since this wipes dalvik cache, the first boot will take a little longer so be patient
Please report any problems that you find such as icons being too big or being cut-out as well as overlapping.

Also check: S5 Quick Settings and S5/Note Pro icon pack 

If you wish to remove this and revert back to the stock S4 mini look, flash this zip.

Source: Original s3 thread


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