If you have always found the background of the Galaxy S4 mini's Accuweather widget annoying and taking up a lot of space for your wallpaper, worry no more as xda member SilviuMik has shared his transparent widget.

transparent accu weather

Now there are two variants of transparent. One can be where the background is completely gone and all you see is the sun, clouds, temperature, time and location over your homescreen's wallpaper. The other variant is to have the background's opacity set to 50% or even a little less which will result in seeing a bit of the widget's background and under it, a dim look of your homescreen's wallpaper.

The only available variant for now is this one which has the background completely transparent.

Download widget - Click here.

UPDATE: According to an user, this widget is also working flawlessly on the new KitKat firmware, so you may push ahead without any worries.


  1. Download the apk file to your sdcard or phone's storage
  2. Using a root browsing tool such as Root Explorer, Root Browser or ES File Explorer, navigate to where you saved the apk file and copy it.
  3. Go to /system/app/ and paste the apk file in there.
  4. Long-press on the apk file there and choose Permissions, then set them to rw-r--r--.
  5. Delete your accuweather widget's .odex file.
  6. Reboot your phone.
  7. Enjoy your new transparent widget.
If you are having trouble setting this up, then you may check out the video below for a live example of how to perform the instructions and a preview of the final result.

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