If you enjoy listening to music on your phone regularly, then you will love this sweet sound mod called Viper4Android FX.

Think of this as installing a sound driver for your computer's sound card that comes with a control panel in which you can change manually set the equalizer frequencies, choose already made preset, enable/disable bass boost, increase the volume and many more.

Not only does this work for your phone's speakers, but also for connected Bluetooth devices, headsets, as well as USB/Docks. After personally trying this out for a few days I was quite satisfied with the services it provides.

Download Viper4Android FX version - Click here.

Installing Viper4Android on Galaxy S4 mini:

  1. Download the zip file to your phone or computer and extract it
  2. You should now have two apk files - one for Gingerbread devices and the other for ICS and above
  3. Obviously you would want to install the version for ICS and above which should contain the letters 4.x in its name
  4. After installing the apk, open it and begin tweaking your audio

Installation video and quick preview:

Source: VipersAudio


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