android 4.4 kitkat
It looks like KitKat really is on its way to the Galaxy S4 mini, as the Canadian variants (SGH-I257M) have also begun receiving the software update. Unfortunately, just like the GT-I9195 LTE variant got its first update for the Black Edition only, so did the SGH-I257M.

It's interesting how Samsung has decided to give the Black Edition variants the priority to first receive these software updates and not the originals. Although the firmwares are meant for the Black Edition, it appears that you may still be able to flash them on your non-Black Edition models without any issues as you may have already seen the demo video of 4.4.2 running on an original GT-I9195.

We assume that the changes that you will find in the firmware will be exactly the same as in the GT-I9195 firmware and the only difference might be some specific country/carrier bloatware.

If you want to try out the new firmware on your Canadian S4 mini, you may head into SamMobile's firmware page and search for "SGH-I257M".


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