s4 mini lte india i9197
Samsung's smartphones seem to have huge popularity in India and you may have noticed that the company simply does not support LTE connectivity in the country judging by the devices being sold in the stores that only have support up to 3G networks.

However, since carriers are soon going to bring faster wireless access (talking about LTE), Samsung fans from India might get the chance to soon try out a Galaxy S4 mini LTE variant which according to an import tracking site called Zauba showing that Samsung is in the process of testing devices with LTE networks in the country.


Currently, only one carrier (Airtel) supports LTE connectivity in India but the issue is that they use TD-LTE band, which is only supported by the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c but this leaked information shows that Samsung could be testing the device so that they can prepare the launch of LTE devices in the future.

Whether a LTE variant of the S4 mini will be available for sale in India, nobody knows for sure.

Source: SamMobile


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