Remember the leaked document from April that we posted last May regarding the Galaxy S4 mini's KitKat update? Now just recently, another one got leaked showing KOT49H status report regarding some devices' software update in the final phase.

Here's the thing - There is good news and bad news. In the leaked document, we see the GT-I9190 (which is the 3G variant) included with a status of "Finished testing" and is scheduled to begin rolling out this month. Unfortunately, this time we do not see anything GT-I9192 related, not even a status indicating that the firmware is still under testing.

samsung kot49h update

This is truly a disappointment for the Duos users and it  would be a big shame if Samsung does not release a firmware update for the GT-I9192. When you think about it, there shouldn't be a legit reason why Samsung would refuse to do that because one dual-SIM phone that we see on the list is the Galaxy Grand 2 Duos so obviously the reason cannot be the lack of dual-sim support but something else.

The GT-I9195 got the update in June, the GT-I9190 is expected to receive the update in July, but will the GT-I9192 receive it in August? We'll just have to wait and see if there will be a new document leak but that could be very unlikely since this might be the last one because of the "Final Phase" status report.

UPDATE: We now have an official source for this document. Apparently the document was leaked from India by someone at JustAboutPhones.

Source: JustAboutPhones


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