Coming up next in our Galaxy S5 transformation is the FM Radio App. For now the name of the person who has ported this app is unknown (if it ever needed porting) or it could actually be xda member adityapal who has published the apk file in the forums.

The app seems to be working just fine (is able to scan for radio stations and can play them without any issues) and is even able to record radio. The generated file comes with a .m4a extension that is not visible in the music player but you can find lots of online file converters that can turn it into mp3.

Download Galaxy S5 FM Radio - Click here. 

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  1. Download the HybridRadio2013.apk file to your sdcard or internal storage
  2. Using a root browsing tool such as Root Explorer, navigate to /system/priv-app/
  3. Delete the two files HybridRadio2013.apk and HybridRadio2013.odex
  4. Copy/Move the downloaded HybridRadio2013.apk file to /system/app/
  5. Set the file's permissions to rw--r--r--
  6. Reboot your phone
  7. You should now have a working Galaxy S5 FM Radio app.
If you are having trouble following the text instructions mentioned above, you may then watch this demonstration video showing you how to install this S5 app.

Source: xda


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