Coming next to our Galaxy S5 transformation is the Internet Browser application. which was recently ported by xda member Albe95. The application seems to work just fine on the Galaxy S4 mini running the new KitKat firmware and may even work on other Samsung devices with this new firmware as well. Most likely the app will not work on Jelly Bean firmwares though due to some framework changes made by Samsung.

After personally testing the app I have come to the conclusion that it's awesome and is working just fine on the Galaxy S4 mini. You do not only get a similar design as this is not a theme, but you actually get the features that it could offer since we are installing the whole app.

Download Galaxy S5 Internet Browser - Click here.


  1. Download the file to your sd card and extract it.
  2. Inside, you should see a folder System and inside it two folders: system and lib.
  3. Open up a root browsing tool such as Root Explorer and go to /system/app/ and delete the four files: SBrowser.apk, SBrowser.odex, SBrowserTry.apk, SBrowserTry.odex.
  4. Now copy/move the SBrowser.apk, SBrowser.odex, SBrowserTry.apk, SBrowserTry.odex files
    from the extracted folder to /system/app/. 
  5. Change the four files' permissions to rw--r--r--.
  6. Now go back to the extracted folder and go to the lib folder.
  7. Copy the files and from there into /system/lib/.
  8. Once again, set the two files' permissions to rw--r--r--.
  9. Reboot your phone and do not run the app yet.
  10. Go to Settings -> More... -> Application manager -> All - and look for the app Internet.
  11. Tap on clear data and exit the screen.
  12. Now run the Browser app and enjoy

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A big thank you also goes to xda member kokobenjamin for sharing this information.


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