Since the last published S5 icon pack had some small issues such as a few oversized icons in certain areas, many of you were eagerly waiting for an update with such issues being resolved. Unfortunately, I am not that experienced in theming and the whole graphics scene, so I am presenting you the WizzedTheme made by xda member rrgrrg who has done a way better job.

Just like the old S5 icon pack that was published here a few months ago, WizzedTheme is also just a zip file that replaces your system apps' PNG files with the S5 ones giving you the S5 look. Since this package does not replace any actual apk files or anything else important, it is considered safe for flashing.

Please note that this only works in 4.2.2 Jelly Bean based firmwares. Due to the fact that the new KitKat firmware uses files with a .SPI extension, flashing this package will not replace a single icon.

What this theme includes:

  • S5 Weather Widget
  • S5 Launcher
  • S5 Voice recorder
  • S5 My Files Subicons
  • S5 Lockscreen Effect
  • S5 Apps Icons
  • S5 Full Framework
  • S5 Sms App Partial Port
  • S5 Dialer and Contacts
  • S5 Music Player Ported
  • S5 Video Player Ported
  • S5 Dark Flat Keyboard ported
  • S5 Camera ported
  • S5 Calculator
  • S5 Wallpaper Chooser wallpapers
  • S5 Statusbar and UI
This theme is available to use for both single-SIM and dual-SIM phones. rrgrrg has also included the themed weather widget as well as a single icon pack for those of you who do not with to get the whole S5 UI but just the new app icons.


Single-SIM package - Click here.
Dual-SIM package - Click here.
Icons only - Click here.
Weather Widget - Click here.


  1. Download the package of your choice to your sdcard.
  2. Power off your phone and boot into CWM Recovery.
  3. Go to advanced and choose wipe dalvik cache.
  4. Go back and choose install zip.
  5. Choose choose zip from external sdcard (choose zip from /storage/sdcard1/ in newer CWM Recovery versions).
  6. Choose the downloaded zip file.
  7. Choose Yes to confirm when asked.
  8. After the installation of the zip file is complete, go back and choose reboot system now.
  9. Upon reboot, you should get a message "Android is upgrading" and below it "Opitimizing apps # of #". Be patient and wait until it is done optimizing.
Source: xda


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