While most of you may be satisfied with the Galaxy S4 mini's speaker volume, some may be disappointed and would like to boost it up a bit. In certain situations such as in parties with loud music and noise, you may not be able to hear your phone's ringtone if you have disabled vibration or if you have a song whose volume is below normal, you may want to listen to it louder on your music player.

boost s4 mini volume
For these kind of frustrating situations comes this volume sound boosting mod from the developer of the popular WizzedTheme, rrgrrg. Now of course you can also use a sound mod such as Viper4Android but that mod only covers the music player and nothing else while this mod actually helps you increase the overall sound volume for your ringtones, notifications and system sounds.

This mod will boost your volume values up to 50% and headphones values up to 80%. According to rrgrrg, this mod seems to be working on both 4.2.2 and 4.4.2 firmwares for the Galaxy S4 mini and the only requirement left is to have a custom recovery installed.


Use this mod with caution! While this is proven to not cause any damage to the phone's speakers, be careful of how much you increase your phone's volume as anything is possible to happen. S4MiniArchive and the developer will not be responsible for any damages caused. Flash and use this at your own risk!
Download - Click here.


  1. Download the zip file to your sdcard.
  2. Boot into Recovery mode by holding Volume up + Home + Power buttons together.
  3. Choose install zip.
  4. Choose choose zip from /storage/sdcard/1/ (choose zip from external sdcard for older recoveries).
  5. Choose the zip file then choose Yes to confirm.
  6. After you are done, go back and choose reboot system now.
Immediatelly after rebooting your phone you will notice an increase in the sound volume. To control it, simply go to Settings -> My Device -> Sound -> Volume.

Source: xda


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