With the recent introduction of Android 4.4 KitKat to our S4 mini, we got the chance to try out some of the Galaxy S5's stock applications such as the launcher, weather widget, calculator, music player and a few others.

If you really like the Galaxy S5 apps' UI but cannot afford to buy the actual device, you can make your Galaxy S4 mini partially look like one. This post is the second part of the "S5 transformation" series that you are about to see published in the upcoming days. We already have a beautiful S5 boot animation available for our phone and now its time we get the S5's music player.

Download Galaxy S5 Music Player - Click here.


  1. Download the music player zip file to your sd card.
  2. Power off your phone and boot into Recovery mode.
  3. Choose install zip.
  4. Choose choose zip from external sdcard (choose zip from /storage/sdcard1/ in newer CWM Recovery versions).
  5. Choose the music player zip file
  6. Choose Yes to confirm when asked
  7. After the installation is complete, go back and choose reboot system now.

If you are getting the error message "Unfortunately, the process has stopped." after rebooting, consider doing a data wipe/factory reset.

A huge thanks goes to xda member S.M.A.G who has recently shared this music player along with a bunch of other Galaxy S5 stock applications that are claimed to work on the Galaxy S4 mini. Stay tuned for more S5 goodies as coming up next is a Galaxy S5 notification screen look-a-like for your KitKat firmware.


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