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So here we are finally getting to try out pretty much all of the Galaxy S5 apps on the Galaxy S4 mini. This project started off as an attempt to port the S5 settings app along with its lockscreen effects but eventually started to expand to something much, much better.

Thanks to xda members EngelDMT and ploiki, kokobenjamin and rrgrrg there is now an AIO (all in one) ported S5 apps package. Unfortunately for the Jelly Bean users that dislike KitKat, these apps will not work as they require an Android version of 4.4.

Apps included:

  • S5 Touchwiz Launcher + Magazine + PullUp
  • S5 Accuweather App
  • S5 Message App
  • S5 SFinder
  • S5 QuickConnect
  • S5 Radio App
  • S5 Music App
  • S5 Video Player
  • S5 Settings App + Search
  • S5 Lockscreen Effects
  • S5 Memo 2
  • S5 Translator
  • S5 Travel
  • S5 WatchON
  • S5 SVoice
  • S5 Voice Note
  • S5 Browser
  • S5 My Files.
  • S5 Boot Animation
  • S5 SystemUI (Status Bar)
  • S5 Optical Reader
  • S5 Gallery
  • S5 InCallUI
  • S5 Calculator
  • S5 Download Manager
  • S5 Task Manager
  • S5 GeoLookup
  • S5 Easy Launcher
  • S5 Video Cutter
  • S5 Magnifier Widget

Download - Click here.


  1. Download the zip file to your sd card.
  2. Boot into Recovery mode by holding Volume up + Home + Power buttons.
  3. Choose install zip.
  4. Choose choose zip from /storage/sdcard1 (choose zip from external sdcard for older CWM recoveries).
  5. Choose the s5 package zip file.
  6. Choose Yes to confirm when asked.
  7. Reboot your phone.

UPDATE: If you get a message that a certain app has stopped working, go to your Applications manager, find the app and wipe its data and cache.

Source: xda


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