For every new Galaxy model that Samsung releases with UI changes, xda users immediatelly begin to rip the apks or at least create similar looking modded apks. In this case, we have a XWidget theme shared by xda member kokobenjamin. and according to the credits huge thanks also goes to xda member Aatif who is the first to create the theme.

As you can see in the image above, Samsung have gotten rid of the huge 4x2 background styled weather widget that covers half of your wallpaper and moved onto a transparent styled one.

Until the actual weather widget gets ported, you will have use XWidget and apply this as a theme on it. XWidget is available for free download at the Play Store.

Download S6 Weather theme - Click here.


  1. Download XWidget from the Google Play store.
  2. Download the theme zip file from the link above.
  3. Extract the zip file and move the extracted folder into /sdcard0/XWidget/Widgets/ (sdcard0 means your internal storage).
  4. Now go to your homescreen and add a 4x1 XWidget, then choose Galaxy S6 Weather Widget.
  5. Enjoy your new S6 Weather widget.

Source: xda

P.S. An official article and in-depth video review of the S5 Project rom should have been posted quite a while ago but was delayed due to the fact that the latest version (3.1) has some pretty nasty bugs such as the white text on white background and vice versa issues.

It is now expected for a v4 to be out. No information when that will happen though. If any news comes out, it will be posted on the S4MA Google+ and Facebook pages.


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