So it is final. A few days ago we finally got confirmations from multiple Samsung social profiles that the update is canceled. Apparently, it will not be able to give the user an optimal experience  due to memory issues after doing some comprehensive testing.

At this point there is not much left to do but to start a petition, collect signatures and show how many people still love and use this device and would like to see this update. We realise that it might not do much but it is worth a try.

As you may already know, our device is perfectly capable of running custom roms based off Android 5.x Lollipop without any issues. The reason could most likely be that Samsung is unable to implement most of the apps that usually come pre-installed... or is it just a simple marketing tactic?

The device hasn't even reached its 2 years anniversary yet and its firmware support has come to an end. We highly appreciate that Samsung attempted to update the device, which unfortunately didn't pass the test, but we also have faith that they can do it.

Please share this petition (LINK TO PETITION) with every Galaxy S4 mini user that you know to sign it.
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