Welcome to the about page for S4MiniArchive! In this page you will find information on what the blog is all about. S4MiniArchive was started in early August 2013 as a fan blog, sharing guides, tips, tricks, aswell as custom roms for the Galaxy S4 Mini users.

What is S4MiniArchive blog for?
S4MiniArchive (s4miniarchive.com) is a blog dedicated to the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini by providing links to compatible games, applications, live wallpapers, tweaks, ROMs, tips, video guides and everything else to make the user's experience with the phone the best.

What does "S4MiniArchive" mean?
The S4Mini part on the url is pretty obvious, the Archive word basically means that this website acts like an archive for Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini modifications, guides, custom roms and everything else. The blog gets updated regularly and of course, the content so far will always stay saved here for the future thus indeed making it an archive.
The blog has been online ever since one of the first custom ROMs and kernels started coming out to today's advanced releases and will be kept up to date for the upcoming years.

Why can't I find paid apps here for free?
S4MiniArchive has absolute respect for developers and therefore does not share someone's paid work for free. You can only find freeware on this blog.

Got questions? Check out our forum at http://forum.s4miniarchive.com


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